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What is the National Day of Hacking Your Own Assumptions and Entitlement?

For assistance on understanding “hackathons” in general, see here.

The  National Day of Hacking Your Own Assumptions and Entitlement is a sort of meta-hackathon, if you will… a inward-looking session in which hackathon participants “hack” their own outlook (not the mail client), reverse-engineering the various unexamined attitudes underpinning their choices & decisions: those same privileges & perspectives on which their participation in prior “Hackathons” were predicated.

Sometimes this involves psychedelic mushrooms or sensory deprivation or other enhanced self-interrogation techniques.

The result? Total loss of moral surety: a computer nerd no longer useful to the marketplace or the agendas of imperialism.

Hear the inspiring stories of real participants.  Click any of the quotes in the swoopy slideshow above.