Why New Orleans?


Where else? Where else have the positives of disruptive change been made as evident in the last, oh, let’s say seven years as in the Crescent City?

Exciting new ideas for affordable housing (for-profit privatization), exciting new ideas for schools (for-profit privatization), exciting new ideas in healthcare (for-profit privatization), exciting new ideas in incarceration (for-profit privatization) exciting new residents who vote in exciting new white technocratic leadership… it’s a town with a bright future, and we’re absolutely PANTING to cash in on some of that action!

Look for chrissakes there are literally giant banners all over the CBD saying “Welcome to YOUR Blank Canvas.” NOLA.com runs a dozen press releases– I mean, articles– daily about “entrepreneurs” and “start-ups” and “creatives.” Clearly, New Orleans is nothing but a giant profitable playground for moneyed young elites like ourselves, so get with it or get the fuck out the way!! We’re here to do whatever we want, which is the point of New Orleans anyway. You’re welcome.

For our hackathon we’ll come from all over, stay in a giant luxury hotel and not leave except to return to the airport. Our very presence within the city (notwithstanding we could as well be in any plush conference room anywhere) will super-equip us to address issues particular to New Orleans. Plus, NeoColonial Tech Anomie┬ámagazine placed New Orleans #4 in its 2013 “Bargain burgs for the rich, young and unselfconscious” listicle.

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